Solar Panel Wiring

Solar Panel Wiring

If you have been tinkering away on your solar project you will sooner or later realize the importance of solar panel wiring. If you want to learn how to build your own solar panel then you are going to need to learn about wiring, the only way to avoid this is to hire a professional. This article is for the brave DIY people who want to learn how to do this themselves and get their hands dirty!

Choosing the DIY path will require some learning on your part (but not too much) because there are some technical aspects that you will need to learn otherwise your solar panel will not work, plain and simple. At first, it can be a bit tricky for complete beginners to know how to correctly wire up a solar panel but with the right instruction and guidance the whole process can become a breeze.

As with the majority of DIY projects, you will save substantial amounts of money learning how to do the wiring of the solar panels yourself without hiring a professional. It will take longer to complete your solar project by going the DIY route but it really isn’t that hard or too time intensive.

Before I go on, always remember to put your safety first always when working on your solar panel wiring, regardless where you get your information from. If you feel unsafe then stop what you are doing and seek further knowledge or get the help from someone qualified.

Building your own solar panels will require you to purchase either a ready made kit or a step by step guide. The ready made kits should include all the materials (apart from tools) that are necessary to assemble your solar panels. These kits are a huge time saver but can be high priced.

Guides can be valuable because they will show you where to shop for all the materials and how to save money on them. Many also include detailed instructions and even step by step videos so you get to follow along and watch someone create and wire up solar panels right before your very eyes.

Some key points to remember when wiring your solar panels:

– Make sure you are using wiring that is the correct size, length, and thickness.
– Don’t try to substitute cheaper wiring for the recommended type unless you know exactly what you are purchasing.
– Voltage weakens when the cable is longer in length, so take this into consideration when you connect your cables to the controller, as well as the storage system. If you need to use longer cables then choose a lower gauge wire or one that is thicker.
– The three most popular wiring configurations that you will need to learn for your solar panel wiring include: series wiring, parallel wiring, and a mixture of the two. If you have a comprehensive guide these will be explained in detail.

Once you understand how to do solar panel wiring you can start fully embracing the wonderful world of solar power and use the energy of the sun to power a whole range of items and appliances in and around your house. So now you know a bit more about this topic, it’s time to “get your hands dirty” and start building your solar panels!

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