Off Grid Living

Off Grid Living

Do you get that horrible feeling around the same time each month? Consumers are far too familiar with seeing those nasty bills in the letterbox each month. But is there a way to end your slavery to the utility companies and to live on completely sustainable energy?

Off grid living is your passage to a life that does not rely on fossil fuels for energy which is both extremely damaging to the environment and costs a small fortune. So what is off grid living exactly? Good question! The term “grid” refers to link up of all the power or energy connections which form a power grid. To be “off the grid” means that you will no longer be connected to the utility companies, which for most households is power, water, and gas.

The idea behind off grid living is to supply your own energy source that does not rely on the power companies like solar power and wind energy. You may be wondering, if you go completely off the grid how are you going to use the phone, watch television, power the fridge, heat water, and live a somewhat ordinary life with all the comforts you are used to? Some people choose to be completely off the grid, but this can be difficult for the majority of people so they choose the option to go partially off the grid.

Complete off the grid living means that you would be powering anything that runs on electricity with solar or wind energy. You would also be collecting rain water for bathing, drinking, and watering plants. This may seem extreme and not practical for many city dwelling people. But the main benefits of off grid living are that you will be free of the utility bill paying cycle and you will be helping save the environment.

If the thought of completely living off the grid scares you then going partial may be the best option. This means that you will be using renewable energy sources and also the utility companies power. Some people install solar panels to use the sun’s energy as their main power source but when it is in low supply will switch to using the electricity from power companies.

The two main forms of renewable energy that are becoming more popular everyday are: solar power and wind energy. These energy sources are in great abundance and using them to generate electricity is a smart way to use power. Another attractive bonus for using renewable energy is that the government will give you rebates and tax credits which can help you to save even greater amounts of money.

Solar energy is captured in a variety of ways but the most popular one for off grid living is to install solar panels on top of the roof. These panels collect the sun’s energy and transform it into electricity which can then be used as a source of power for your home.

To capture electricity using wind energy you will need a wind turbine which is installed on a tower or long rod. Electricity is created when wind blows forcing the blades to gather momentum as they spin. This spinning causes energy which flows down the shaft into a generator where it’s converted into electricity.

Both forms of energy are totally free (after initial costs) and produce clean and green energy. So is off grid living for you? This is up to you to decide! If living completely off the grid is too extreme then you may want to live partially off the grid, which is becoming a major trend all across the country.

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