Solar Panel Cost Saving Solutions

Solar Panel Cost Saving Solutions

With soaring energy prices, the high cost of living and the current weak state of the economy, choosing to go solar is a smart decision. Cost wise though, many people are unable to pay the high prices associated with buying solar panels so they are stuck being a slave to the energy companies. This article will explore everything you need to know about solar panel cost and how to keep it down.

So straight off the bat, how much does a solar panel cost? With any type of product the price can vary considerably and with solar panels it is no different. Solar panels can be bought pre-made with each panel costing around $900 ($12 per watt). But one panel will not be sufficient to run a whole house on its own. To run you house completely on solar energy you will be looking at spending anywhere from $25,000, all the way up to $100,000.

The price will depend on several factors that need to be considered Are you powering a small or big house? Do you want to run everything on solar energy or for only part of your house? Can the solar panel be installed in an optimum position to maximize solar energy capture? Where do you live and how much sunlight does it receive daily? Do you need energy storage options?

Most people when they find out the cost of solar panels, find their jaw dropping somewhere around their feet. The staggering costs turn many energy saving enthusiasts completely off the idea of buying a solar panel. But is there a way to slash the cost of solar panels so that they can become an affordable option rather than something that will just remain an untouchable dream?

Before I answer that question, I will give you a quick and easy guideline for figuring out the estimated solar panel cost for you home. To do this you will need to get your hands on your monthly electricity bill. Once you do, make a note of the monthly energy usage which will be displayed in kilowatt hours (KWH). Multiply this number by 1000 and then divide it by 30. The end figure will be your current average daily energy usage.

But to get a more accurate idea of the solar energy costs take the number you just figured out and divide it by the average number of sunlight hours that your location receives per day. This will give you a great indication of how much energy is required for every hour of sunlight to run your home on solar.

Now, I will let you know how you can slash solar panel cost and expenses…build your own! This may come as a surprise answer to some people, especially those that have never built anything in their lives. But it is actually easy to do with the right guide and instruction. All it takes is a bit of time and the ability to follow step by step plan and you will be able to make and install a solar panel.

Each panel can be made for roughly around $150 – $200 each depending on the material used. Some people have even made them for cheaper than this but in my experience you do not want to go too cheap otherwise you will have to make some sacrifice on quality.

So take some time to calculate the cost of running your house by solar energy. After you have the figure, either take a look at getting some pre-made panels to purchase or decide to build your own and dramatically cut your costs. Regardless of which option you choose you will be doing the environment and yourself a whole lot of good!

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