Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels

Are you new to the wonderful world of solar energy? Do you have an endless stream of questions on your mind about residential solar panels that you need answers to?
This article has been written to address the most popular questions surrounding solar panels and solar energy. Hopefully, by reading this you will be able to part the clouds of confusion and gain some clarity around this subject.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is energy from the sun that is captured and converted into thermal or electrical energy. This energy can be collected by solar panels and used as a source of power.

What Tax Cuts Are Available?

As a way to encourage people to purchase residential solar panels, select governments in different parts of the world have started to offer tax benefits in the form of rebates and credits. In the Unites States there is a variety of local, state, and federal incentives that can make owning a solar panel a great investment.

Do Residential Solar Panels Store Energy?

Solar panels capture and convert the sun’s energy into electricity to be used immediately but they do not store it. Batteries will need to be used in order to store the solar energy. If you are in a suburban area, you can usually get a utility grid solar power connected system so you can avoid batteries altogether.

Can Solar Panels Work In Cloudy Weather?

Yes, solar panels will continue to work in all weather conditions as long as there is some light . The best condidtions for electrical production will happen when the sun is shinning brightly. It is recommended to have a back up power source in case power levels drop too low as can happen in winter.

Can A Whole House Be Powered By Solar Panels?

Yes, it is possible to run a house entirely on solar energy but for some high energy appliances you may need an alternative energy source or backup. It all depends of the energy demands of the house and how many solar panels you have installed.

Are Solar Panels Easy To Maintain?

Yes, if they are installed properly and positioned at the right angle. The only maintenance work that needs to be done is to rinse them off occasionaly to keep them clean from debris and leaves.

Can Solar Panels Be Damaged?

Solar panels, just like any other type of equipment can be damaged over time but if they are installed correctly with the proper sealants and not fixed horizontally they should remain damage free. Regular cleaning will also help keep the solar panel working at an optimum level.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels have a long life which can span 30 years plus.

Are Solar Powered Homes Safe?

Homes powered by solar energy are very safe as they do not emit toxic materials, waste, or produce exhaust. But residential solar panels do need to be installed properly whether by someone qualified, or if you are installing your own then you will need to make sure you carefully follow the instructions. If they are not installed properly electrical faults can occur.

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