How To Build Your Own Solar Panels

How To Build Your Own Solar Panels

Are you a hands on person who loves getting involved with “do it yourself” projects? If you are, then learning how to build your own solar panels are a wonderful project to undertake that can save you a ton of money in the process. Even if you’re not currently a handy-man or handy-women, with the right instruction, powering your own home with a self built solar panel can be a very real possibility.

Before you get too excited about building your very own solar panel I have to give you fair warning, if you do not have the right instructions to follow from the beginning, you are going to end up in a complete mess. The complexity of the project will depend on the number of solar panels that you want to build and the appliances you are going to run with the solar energy. But overall the task is one that is easily learned.

The best way to build your solar panel is to get an experienced person to help guide you through the building and installation process but it can be hard to track down someone of this description. The next best alternative is to purchase a step by step comprehensive guide that lays down all the steps in detail. If the guide is also accompanied with video instruction then it will make it even easier to put into action.

The key thing to remember when you are learning how to build your own solar panels are to enjoy the whole process and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are too serious this will just lead to you becoming stressed and frustrated. Lets face it, you will make mistakes as you learn but if you are following professionally written guide books the mistakes will be small and you can dust yourself off and keep going.

So what should you expect as you take on a DIY solar panel project? You should expect that you will gain a whole range of skills as you progress through each step. You will be learning how to use a variety of tools such as a soldering iron and gain basic knowledge in electronics. You will also gain an understanding about the energy requirements needed to run your home.

One big obstacle that many people face when they make the decision to build a solar panel is motivation, or lack of. At the start of a project it is natural to get pumped up and excited about the building process but after a few weeks that excitement and motivation can start to wane. When this happens you will most likely abandon your solar project even if it is near completion.

So what do you do to battle this obstacle? I find the best thing to do is to commit yourself to working on your solar project every day for at least a month no matter how much time you can dedicate, even if it’s ten minutes. After about a month the daily building becomes a routine or habit and it will be easy to continue to build momentum.

Solar panel projects can take anywhere from a few days to weeks depending on how much time you can invest. The quicker you finish off the project, the quicker you will get to experience all the amazing benefits that solar power can bring to your home, your savings account, and to the environment.

If you are still scratching your head as to how to build your own solar panels, you may want to go to part two of this article to continue your learning.

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