How To Build A Solar Generator

How To Build A Solar Generator

Wondering how to build a solar generator? Did you that you have most likely already generated solar energy before?

Think back to when you were young and you got your hands on a magnifying glass. Now either you were smart enough to figure this out yourself or someone showed you how to focus sunlight through it to create heat and energy. You may have just been entertaining yourself at the time but what you were actually doing was harnessing the sun’s energy in a powerful way. Although not as sophisticated as modern solar generators, this was probably your first taste of what it is like to use solar energy.

Building your own solar generator will give you much greater use and benefit than only burning bugs and leaves! When you learn how to build a solar generator, you will be able to power most of your appliances at home – both indoor and outdoor – and the electricity that is generated is both economical and environment friendly.

If you are lost as to how to build a solar generator to power your home, you may be relieved to find that there are many detailed step by step guides available that cater for everyone from beginner to advanced. The beauty of building your own generator is that you save on the huge cost of pre-made solar panels, be up and running in no time, and can even start powering your home the very day you build your generator.

But what exactly can you power using a solar generator? You may only want to start off small and power only a few items and then eventually build more solar panels to generate even more electricity. I will go into a few different appliances that are practical and easy to power with solar energy.

Replacing your electric powered water heater with a solar powered one is a wonderful way to start using solar energy. The United States government is currently looking to phase out electric water heaters so they are making it very attractive for consumers to do so by offering rebates and tax savings. Switching over to a solar generated water heater can end up saving you up to $800 per year.

Heating the water of swimming pools and spas are another great use of solar energy. This can be costly if you’re using electricity but with solar power the costs essentially drop down to zero.

Many gardens and homes would benefit from using solar energy to power the lights. Solar powered outdoor lighting is great because throughout the day the lights can be absorbing the suns energy to store and then use it at night.

Area heating can be very costly but with solar power the costs can be cut dramatically. Even though most heating is needed during winter, panels can still collect energy when the sun is not shining as strong.

In fact most appliances can be run by solar energy including air conditioning, refrigeration, washing machines, and dishwashers. Grid tied systems will be beneficial for times where there is not enough solar power to run you whole home. This will allow your system to switch automatically to using solar when it is in abundance and when it is low it will use the power companies supply of energy.

Hopefully, now you have a clearer picture of what you can power in your home using solar energy. All you need to do now is find a high quality “how to build a solar generator” guide and follow the easy steps and in no time you will be powering your home with the sun’s energy.

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