Cabin Solar Power

Cabin Solar Power

When you stay at your remote cabin do you use candles to light up the darkness? Do you have a cold water supply for bathing? Are there times when you crave some heat to evade the winter chill? If you are nodding your head as you answer these questions you may want to invest in cabin solar power to give yourself a slice of luxury.

There is no need to live in an uncomfortable situation when you have the power of the sun above your head, waiting patiently to give you its abundance of energy. This article will explore the top five tips to using cabin solar energy efficiently and effectively.

Tip 1 – Regularly Clean The Solar Panel

No matter where your cabin is located, woodland, mountains, or desert, you will need to regularly clean and maintain your solar panel system to make sure that it continues to work at its optimum level. Dirt, grit, dust, and leaves are just some of the things that can cover your solar panel and stop it from working the way it should.

In remote locations you may have to clean your solar panel system once a month depending on conditions. Water is usually the best way to clean each of the panels but if you need something a more heavy duty then household dish soap is your best option as you do not want to use any harsh cleansers.

Tip 2 – Get A Backup Generator For Winter

It may be a good idea to purchase a back up generator if you spend a lot of time at your cabin during winter. The batteries may not have enough power to charge your cabin during bleak conditions so it is a good idea to fire up your back up generator and let your batteries recharge before switching back to solar energy once again. This is optional but something that is worth thinking about during winter visits to your cabin.

Tip 3 – Calculate Energy Requirements

Before running out and purchasing (or building your own) solar panel, it is essential to know how much power you will need. If you don’t know your energy load then it will be difficult to choose the correct solar energy system. The quick and simple way to do this is to add up the total wattage of all appliances and devices in your cabin, this will give you an estimate of how much energy you will need to generate.

Tip 4 – Choose New Appliances Over Old

New appliances are generally more energy efficient than old ones. A decade old fridge or washing machine can use 50% more energy over a newer model. Also look for energy star products which save on energy, money, and protect the environment. With so many energy saving appliances on the market today, careful research will lead you to maximize on your savings.

Tip 5 – Start Small And Add-On

If you find that it will cost too much to buy enough solar panels to power your home, don’t get discouraged. The important thing is to get the infrastructure in place and add solar panels as you can afford to. You do not need to start off with an ambitious number of solar panels and most appliances can easily run off just one or two. If the cost of solar panels are a major issue, consider building your own to dramatically lower your start up costs.

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